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Where Ancient Wisdom Meets the New Light of Dawn

What is Light Dialogic?

We are a community of human beings who recognize that we are on a conscious path to heal, awaken, embody and serve the greater Cosmic-Source Light. According to ancient wisdom and transmissions from the Gold Light, we have arrived at the crossroads of a great transformation. Every human has the technology within to cultivate resonance, fully transcend the past, and emerge into the present Light of our original design – if we choose.

Everyone in the Light Dialogic Community (LDC) can enter this intentional harmonic connection with Self and other teachers and members here. This resonant connection to community is not only vital now, but it's also how we embody and co-create the emergent new world.

For those who are still waiting for "the shift," it's already here.

We are not alone. Inner-dimensional guidance is here to assist as we reorient to the incoming Light, unlock the radiance within, rise into our greater embodiment & purpose, and model the way forward. We have waited a very long time to reach this time-space crossroads, to meet all of you, and to launch our cosmic community.

To those who gather here, we assist in the remembering and reorientation of your greater mission into this new Light of Dawn. We have also traveled this path and return now to meet you in this portal of light. It is our greatest passion to be of service to you at this time.

– The Gold Light Emissaries

Our Original Source Creator is a Field of Love that runs through everything – including us. This Pure Light & Sound wants us to know that in any new present moment, we have the natural ability and power to restore the perfection of our original design. We are wired to be informed by this Light – directly.

Who or what is a light warrior? Anyone who is here to fulfill their Divine pre-life agreement to awaken and assist at this time. There is no external war in which we engage. We realize that the only war there is, is within. Our will and attention are consciously engaged in dialogue with the Light. The resonant field of Love that we individually and collectively generate, lights our way forward. 

Together we experience the exponential joy of helping each other (and those we serve), to feel healthy, balanced, appreciated, unconditionally loved, inspired, empowered, and purposeful – no matter the past or old paradigm (old-p) story or circumstances. Whether we are healers, scientists, teachers, artists, moms/dads, entrepreneurs, or neighbors, the bottom line is that we are here to anchor and demonstrate the streaming currency of Love in our own unique ways. 

No matter who you are, and whether or not you call yourself spiritual, we are ALL moving through a monumental time of adjustment and reorientation. The bottom line? If we choose the way of fear, and we are dishonest about who we are, we will continue to give our power away to an external authority. If we choose Truth, we unlock, expand, and reorient to our authentic natural state. And this ignites the Light of our inner I AM authority. There are no shortcuts here, no spiritual bypassing. Every one of us is making a choice now. Expand or contract. 

For those who choose to expand, thank you for your service in the old paradigm. Welcome to a new world and a wholly new community.

Let us begin navigating this magical liminal space between worlds. You are not alone. We are not alone. We are doing this together.

Your Hosts of Light Dialogic

EM (Eileen Meyer) is a mystic-visionary, author, lifetime contactee, and translator of the Field of the Akash. Over a lifetime, she was coached by her guides to feel and interpret the cosmic language through a series of visions, dreams, downloads, and bioenergetic upgrades. Her luminous team is a group of Gold Light Beings - Emissaries of the four Balams-Archangels and aspects of herself. We invite you to share in the cosmic upgrades and transmissions, as well as the emotional awareness practice downloaded for this intersection in time. 

Eduardo is an author and Mayan Ajq’ij in the tradition of the K’iche’ Maya. He was initiated on the Camino de Agua and Camino del Fuego and has walked this path, with respect to these sacred teachings, for over 20 years. He generously serves his community through sacred wisdom, ceremony, and the practice of the ancient art of IQ’ Mystical Spiritual Breath.

When you Join Light Dialogic, you will receive...

  • Learning Pods and groups on ancient Olmec-Maya wisdom, ceremony, and practices that prepare and orient us to this transformational time of 13 Baktun.
  • Messages from Eduardo or EM on important energies to be aware of on the Ch'ol Q'ij Sacred Calendar.
  • Learning Pods, guided meditations, transmissions, and breath practice, to help us maintain our balance as we adapt to a direct, expanding, felt infusion of Source Light. Our job is to open our hearts and form, so that like a musical instrument, we naturally play the resonance that enters in from beyond time-space, while transcending old-paradigm thought constructs.

  • One Live Transmission per month through EM to provide support, encouragement, guided journeys, and resonance data that support multidimensional navigation in these times. Eduardo will guide us through the IQ' Mystical Spiritual Breath and the energy of the day/Trecana from the Sacred Mayan Ch'ol Q'ij Calendar. Both will provide a visionary view of the landscapes we are, and will be, traversing. 
  • An abundance of soul-igniting and relevant media content is available on all topics we explore. Hundreds of transmission recordings from the archives and highly relevant data for this timing are uploaded to the archives monthly.
  • Unscheduled (pop-up) data sharing from EM and Eduardo with Q&A/discussion on topics of NOW.
  • A monthly Kawoq Zoom gathering that explores the pragmatic practice of the Dialogue, celebrating the breakthroughs as well as the challenges of reorienting to the embodiment of our Divine Inner Authority. This will include discussions and Q&A on liminal space events that occur for members, such as significant dreams, visions, downloads, or related experiencer phenomena.
  • Special Events: Experiencer Dialogues. Are you an experiencer? Or fascinated by the topic? Many human beings have experienced transformational events in their lives. Most remain unexplained. Join the conversations between evolving experiencers and those who are passionate about the topic.
  • Ongoing private conversations (away from typical social media) in a like-hearted community as we chat, post, mirror, collaborate, and consciously build resonance within ourselves and our community.  
  • Member discounts available for Mayan Cosmic Identity Horoscopos, private one-on-one or small group mentoring sessions with EM and Eduardo, as well as for future online and in-person special events.

What follows is up to you and our magical coherent community.
Do you resonate?
We look forward to feeling the magic you bring.

Welcome to the New Sun.
Welcome to the Light Dialogic Community.

We are here simply to demonstrate what is possible. [We point to] the gifts that each of you hold within you, within your DNA, within your physicality. It is written within you. Higher vibrational expansion begins to unlock these codes and you will know. You will be informed, and you will understand. You will be witness to others going through the same process. But these codes cannot be unlocked if you remain frozen and in fear. So begin to dialogue with your Source and say out loud that you choose Love. Humble yourself. Speak the truth as we have given in the practice. Speak the Truth! 

– Gold Light Beings

Sound of Gold Files: BeyondThePlateau.032920

We look forward to seeing you soon!
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