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What is Light Dialogic?

UPDATE: Light Dialogic's platform is transforming again. Much gratitude to you for your interest in this community resonance project, but we are no longer accepting new members - subscribers or free - on this Mighty Networks platform. Those who joined before June 16, 2024, will be invited into a new environment by the end of Summer 2024. If you landed here after this date and want to be added to an email list, explore this rapidly evolving work, or contact us, Linktree has a variety of ways to do this. Thank you for your patience with us as we often do things opposite from mainstream here. (There's a definite reason for this.) We appreciate your interest!

We are a community of human beings who are having deeply transformative experiences, or, have consciously chosen to experience them. If you have experienced something that you cannot articulate in language, and have been fundamentally changed by it; something that science, religion, or even fringe narratives do not fully address, you may have found your people. Your switch has been flipped, your foundation of consciousness has changed, and you no longer fit into what was. Welcome to our lucid navigation – from all that we were told, to all that we know.

Some will step out ahead of others. And in that stepping out, they will assist those others who are just on the brink of locking into this. All they need is that one sign or signal and the switch is flipped within them. Even if they have never spoken of it in their entire lives, it is within them. And they need these markers.

It is all about collaboration now. You must come together and speak in your own unique ways; or share, or heal, or offer your treasure. And that message to humanity is, 'You also have this treasure. Allow us to support you in flipping that switch within you.'”

—Sound of Gold Files: Insanely Bold.110319

We recognize that we are on a conscious path to heal, awaken, embody, and resonate with a Field of Light that includes us. While we claim no specific religious affiliation, you could say we are discovering and unpacking the Truth that sets us free. We are modeling and witnessing for each other, the ancient and new sensations of embodiment and resonance—which is not a mental interpretation, but a direct bioenergetic experience of Love and in-form-ation.

Something is waking up within us and the external authority or systems we once looked to for answers are not qualified to explain it. Therefore, we are the authority of our own transformation and movement beyond the old paradigm.

According to ancient Indigenous wisdom, we have arrived at the crossroads of a larger-cycle transformation. We use the Sacred Ch’ol Q’ij Calendar of the K’iche Maya as a guide for these natural tones and patterns for human life on Earth. Some have experienced contact and are being guided into remembering the greater design of who we are, within our feelings, bodies, and minds. As we weave the ancient wisdom into now, we are remembering how to communicate with this universal intelligence, knowing that every human has this natural technology within to cultivate resonance, restore our original design, and thrive. 

Everyone in the Light Dialogic Community (LDC) can enter this intentional harmonic connection with Self and other teacher-demonstrators here. This resonant connection to community is not only vital now, but it's also how we embody and co-create the emergent new world.

For those who are still waiting for "the shift," you've been in it for years.

We are not alone. Inner-dimensional guidance is coming through the transforming ones to assist as we reorient to the incoming Light, unlock the radiance within, rise into our greater embodiment & purpose, and model the way forward. 

You are literally climbing out of a darkened box into the very bright light of Love. Give yourselves permission to gently move through these changes. You will not always have the immediate answers that you seek, due to the fact that you are framing your lives from the past. It will not make sense in past framing. Patience is required in present moment to allow the answers and the understandings to come and fill in the blanks. 

Sound of Gold Files: Expansion Now.121816

Our Original Source Creator is a Field of Love that runs through everything – including us. We are wired to be informed by this Light – directly. When our will and attention are consciously engaged in an inner dialogue with the Light, we invite the Field of Love to ignite within us.

Whether we are healers, scientists, teachers, artists, moms/dads, entrepreneurs, or neighbors, the bottom line is that we are here to anchor and radiate this streaming currency of Love. 

No matter who you are, and whether or not you call yourself spiritual, we are ALL moving through a monumental time of adjustment and reorientation. The bottom line? If we choose the way of fear, and we are dishonest about who we are, we will continue to give our power away to an external authority. If we choose Truth, we unlock, expand, and reorient to our authentic natural state. There are no shortcuts here; no spiritual bypassing. Every one of us is making a choice now—expand or contract. 

For those who choose to expand, thank you for your service in the old paradigm. Welcome to a new world and a wholly new community.

Let us begin navigating this magical liminal space between worlds. You are not alone. We are not alone. We are doing this together.


Your Hosts of Light Dialogic

Eileen Meyer, or EM, is a mystic-visionary, author, lifetime contactee, and translator of light-sound data. Over most of her lifetime, she felt like a fish out of water. But through a series of seemingly random encounters, dreams, downloads, and bioenergetic upgrades (aka Kundalini), EM adapted to the more familiar fluid cosmic language of frequency. She perceives and translates this flow of vertical wisdom as coming from a luminous group of Gold Light Beings from Source Field – emissaries of both ancient and future aspects of ourselves. Then she was asked to share this with you – how you may heal, activate, and welcome the Great Mother Rising too. EM's contact info.

Eduardo is an author and Mayan Ajq’ij in the tradition of the K’iche’ Maya. He was initiated on the Camino de Agua and Camino del Fuego and has walked this path, with respect to these sacred teachings, for over 20 years. He generously serves his community through sacred wisdom, ceremony, and the practice of the ancient art of IQ’ Mystical Spiritual Breath.

When you Join Light Dialogic, you will receive...

  • Learning Pods and groups on ancient Olmec-Maya wisdom, ceremony, and practices that orient us to this transformational time of 13 Baktun.
  • Messages from Eduardo or EM on important energies to be aware of on the Ch'ol Q'ij Sacred Calendar.
  • Learning Pods, guided meditations, transmissions, and breath practice, to help us maintain our balance as we adapt to a direct, expanding, felt infusion of Source Light. Our job is to open our hearts and form so that like a musical instrument, we naturally sound with Source resonance that moves and uplifts. Simultaneously, we are transcending old-paradigm thought constructs.

  • One Live Transmission per month through EM to provide support, encouragement, guided journeys, and resonance data that support multidimensional navigation in these times. Eduardo will guide us through the IQ' Mystical Spiritual Breath and the energy of the day/Trecana from the Sacred Mayan Ch'ol Q'ij Calendar. Both will provide a visionary view of the landscapes we are and will be traversing. 
  • An abundance of soul-igniting and relevant media content is available on all topics we explore. Hundreds of transmission recordings from the archives and highly relevant data for this timing are uploaded to the archives monthly.
  • Unscheduled (pop-up) data sharing from EM and Eduardo with Q&A/discussion on topics of NOW.
  • A weekly HeartStrings gathering that explores the pragmatic practices and integration of what we are absorbing from our community. We celebrate the breakthroughs as well as the challenges of reorienting to the embodiment of our Divine Inner Authority. This will include discussions and Q&A on liminal space events that occur for members, such as significant dreams, visions, downloads, or related experiencer phenomena.
  • Experiencer Dialogues. Are you an experiencer? Or, are you fascinated by the topic? Many human beings have experienced transformational events in their lives. Most remain unexplained. How is it changing you? Join the conversations between evolving experiencers and those who are passionate about the topic. A recent discussion:


  • Ongoing private conversations (away from typical social media) in a like-hearted community as we chat, post, mirror, collaborate, and consciously build resonance within ourselves and our community.  
  • Member discounts available for Mayan Cosmic Identity Horoscopos, private one-on-one or small group mentoring sessions with EM and Eduardo, as well as for future online and in-person special events.

What follows is up to you and our magical coherent community.
Do you resonate?
We look forward to feeling the magic you bring.

Welcome to the New Sun.
Welcome to the Light Dialogic Community.

We are here simply to demonstrate what is possible. [We point to] the gifts that each of you hold within you, within your DNA, within your physicality. It is written within you. Higher vibrational expansion begins to unlock these codes and you will know. You will be informed. You will understand. And you will be witness to others going through the same process...

– Gold Light Beings

Sound of Gold Files: BeyondThePlateau.032920